Our sustainability goals and promises

Carry kindness to the Earth

We have an obligation to ourselves and coming generations to pursue environmental and social sustainability in every aspect of our business.

Our ambition is to be the most sustainable bag brand in the world. Not to beat competition but to push ourselves to set the standard for how sustainable bags can be.

Each collection should be more sustainable than the last
We have pledged to keep evolving our production methods, so that every new collection is taking a step closer towards our goal of making a 100% sustainable bag. While many brands talk about sustainability, we take pride in actually doing something about it.


We are constantly exploring new materials and treatments that are both durable and environmentally friendly. In the design process we are trying to weigh both our wishes for giving you functional and fashionable bags while being as kind to the environment as possible.


We only work with factories that live up to our ethical standards for working conditions.

The Sidewalk Collection is made by ASG Global, one of the world's leading bag manufacturers and our fabric for the Sidewalk Collection is manufactured by LeeJo. They are BLUESIGN certified.