Our materials

Durable and full of kindness to the earth

We are constantly exploring new materials and treatments that are both durable and responsible. In the design process, we are trying to weigh both our wishes for giving you functional and fashionable bags while being as kind to the Earth as possible. 

Our recycled materials are GRS certified 
The production of our recycled materials is carried out by suppliers who are GRS certified.

Recycled plastic

Recycled plastic is made from excess plastic waste. The plastic is cut into small pieces, melted, and cast into different items.

* Recycled plastic buckles are 15% weaker than conventional buckles. But it's a price we think is worth paying for a material that actively reduces the amount of waste in the world.

Recycled Nylon

Body fabric

The body fabric for the Studio Drops, Spread Love Collection, Street Collection, and Sidewalk Collection is 100% Mipan® Regen Recycled Nylon made from pre-consumer waste, manufactured by LeeJo Textile. It is GRS, BlueSign and Oeko-Tex certified. 

The production of recycled nylon material uses less water, energy, and fossil fuels than conventional nylon, and it is just as durable.

* Please see specific details for each product.

Recycled Polyester

Lining, non-woven reinforcement, thread, inner label, logo label, webbing, inside edge band, coil zipper, and wadding

Recycled polyester is made from recycled PET bottles or plastic wastes. The plastic is collected from landfills and the sea, cleaned, granulated, and spun into thread, which is woven into new fabric.

It uses less water, energy, and fossil fuels than regular polyester, but it is just as durable.

All of our recycled polyester materials are GRS certified.

* Please see specific details for each product.

Bloom™ Algae-Blended Foam

Excess algae can be toxic and harmful to the environment.

Bloom™ algae-blended foam is made with excess algae harvested from freshwater where the ecosystem is out of balance.

The algae raw material is combined with conventional materials to create a more responsible EVA foam.

C0 WR PU1500mm

Water Resistant Coating

The water repellent coating on our Studio Drops, Spread Love, Street Collection and Camille bag is an innovative, and non-PFC-based repellent called HeiQ Eco Dry developed by a Swiss company called HEIQ.

- Fluorocarbon-free (PFC)
- Exceptional efficiency and durability
- High abrasion resistance
- Complies with EU REACH and ZDHC.
 - BlueSign system partner & OEKO-tex suited