Sending out a wish to the universe asking that you and people around you will be happy, peaceful and healthy is powerful. You can do it in a simple kindness meditation.

Kindness is like a muscle we can exercise. The more we practise the stronger it gets. And it makes room for a new perspective that challenges our tendency to see ourselves and others as isolated from each other. 

Kindness meditation is a neat little exercise that you can do on your daily commute, in the shower or while making your morning coffee. 



Doing this little exercise is not just hokus pokus. Studies show that practicing kindness meditation daily increases positive emotions such as joy, happiness and hope. It also increases your empathy, reduces anger, self-criticism and physical pain. In general it will relax your nervous system and help you meet both yourself and others with compassion.



Think about three simple phases you’d like to say to yourself that manifest kindness. They can for example be: “May I feel loved”, “May I be peaceful”, “May I be happy”. Choose simple phrases that speak to your heart, so it becomes personal.

Think about three simple phases you’d like to say that manifest kindness. 

Start by saying the sentences to yourself one by one. Repeat the sentences again and again and really feel it. 

Say the same sentences directed at someone you love

Then direct the sentences at someone neutral

Then direct the sentences at someone you have negative feelings about.

And finally speak to all of humanity.