woman carrying kindness

It's so easy to mind our own business. But if we infuse just a few kind habits into our everyday life we can literally change the world (and feel great at the same time!). 

Make eye contact

People who avoid eye-contact often need it the most. Share a friendly gaze with someone you pass, and feel the connection. Did you know that eye-contact makes us feel included and visible?


Try, just for a day, to share a smile with everyone you meet. Once you're hooked you'll never stop! Did you know that a smile can create a bigger sensation of happiness in the brain than 2000 chocolate bars? 

Say thank you

People who regularly take time to be thankful express more compassion and kindness towards others. Plus, showing gratitude makes us more positive and resilient. That's a win for you and for the people around you!  

Be curious 

Curiosity is on of the most powerful brain workouts. It literally makes us more empathic! 

When we're curious, we're more open to exposing ourselves to different ideas and cultures. Next time you have a chance to talk to someone different from you, ask questions and try to understand where they're coming from.  

Call out injustice

Sometimes we need to insist on kindness. Also when it momentarily ruins the cozy atmosphere. That racist behavior, call it out. That degrading comment, call it out. That agressive person, give them a hug <3