Andrés/ CopenhagenKid

My name is Andrés Artiles Jerrik aka CopenhagenKid. I work as an image stylist and sustainable fashion designer, working with storytelling and sustainability through fashion, tv and social media. 

My mission is to communicate sustainability at eye level with a young target group. I’m very interested in telling stories with secondhand fashion and creative sustainable solutions. My mission is to educate, entertain and hopefully inspire people. The content I create is made with that in mind. 



As a young kid I developed a love for secondhand and sewing because I couldn’t afford the fashion I was inspired by online. I began up-cycling and re-designing at a young age without knowing that it would develop into a greater passion and purpose. Standing out has always been a key factor for me, and today I enjoy standing out while educating people about style, sustainability and personal expression.



I’d love for people to be kinder to themselves. Many of us struggle with our mental health and I would love for people to open up more and share their journeys, and express it creatively like I do. For instance I often dress how I feel, therefore my style has evolved and changed through time. Today it’s one of the things I’m known for, so my hope and goal is that it can inspire people to do the same. Take the ugly and turn it into something special and beautiful.



Carry kindness for me means to wear what you believe in. I wear secondhand clothes everyday to make sure that the mark I make on this earth is fashionable and expressive, but not harmful to the planet. Because I know that What I Do, Can Change The World.


Instagram: copenhagenkid


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