Mads Emil

My name is Mads Emil Grove Møller, I’m a fashion and culture communicator, stylist and designer. I’ve worked in the music and fashion industry for more than 20 years, and I’ve always had the goal of making a living out of my passions. An important part of my joy of working has been spreading as much love as possible through my projects.



I have designed the Spread Love Collection with and for Kintobe. It was a dream project for me as it combined my joy of using bags with the opportunity to create cool products out of recycled materials. I like the thought that everyone can wear my collection with a clear conscience. I’m very happy with the final products and I can’t wait to see the bags being used in cities around the world. 

In addition to the great bags, a special thing about my collaboration with Kintobe is the platform we have created together, which enables us to give back in many ways. 1% of all sales from the collection will go to select charities. We have also activated local strong leaders in our campaign, who each tell their story and work to make a positive change in their communities. I’ve always found great joy in surrounding myself with people, who use their voice and inspire us all to do better and make a change, be it big or small.



I was born on the island of Mauritius, but grew up mostly in Copenhagen, with

a small exception of 3,5 years in Tanzania. My roots and multicultural upbringing have always reminded me that giving back is key to a joyful life. Inside each bag in the collection I’ve added a quote that acts as a daily reminder of exactly that: “You make a life by what you give”. 

I believe that even the smallest things, like smiling to people we pass in the street, donating to charities or helping a friend with their latest project or life obstacle, can mean much more than we think. They spread the love that we need. I really believe that giving to others and using energy to better the world may just be the secret to living a life that’s not only happier but also healthier, wealthier, more productive and meaningful. 



I hope people will enjoy my collection and give the message of giving back and spreading love some extra thought as they wear the bags in daily life.


Instagram: madsdamind


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