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What is it?

The SAY HI Programme gives you the opportunity to meet a new human being from Copenhagen or Aarhus and discover new stories and cultures without even leaving your own city!

Saying "hi" is the first step to connect with human beings beyond your like-minded community. Why should we do that? Because the more we talk to other people, the kinder and more accepting the world will be. 

Join our programme and meet someone new in Copenhagen or Aarhus! It's free, enriching, and crazy fun!

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How does it work?

1: Fill in our sign-up form and we will connect you with a conversation partner in Copenhagen or Aarhus.

2: Within a week you will receive a confirmation email from with your conversation partner’s contact and further information about the meeting.

3: Now it is up to you to exchange a couple of emails and decide the how, when and where of the meeting. At any time, you can withdraw and notify us. 

4: After some time you will receive a follow-up email asking about your experience with the SAY HI programme. We're excited to hear your story! The more you tell us, the more we can develop this initiative!

Frequently asked questions


It's not a networking app. It's not a dating site.

Please respect the humans you engage with. They are just like you, eager for an interesting conversation. 

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