Our production

Bags produced with kindness to nature and people

Our factories

We only work with factories that live up to our ethical standards for working conditions. 

The Sidewalk Collection is made by ASG Global, one of the world's leading bag manufacturers, located in Long An province southwest of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

ASG is regularly audited by the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent organization working to improve working conditions in factories in the fashion industry. The basis for the collaboration is the Code of Labor Practices, which is written on the basis of eight labor market standards from the ILO (International Labor Organization) conventions and the UN Human Rights Convention.

Our Kin Collection is made by Baoma, who also sourced all GRS certified materials. The production facility is located in Shantou in the south-eastern part of China. In the selection process of the factory we visited the premises several times to inspect working conditions as well as had meetings with management to understand their ethical standards.


Our textile

Our manufacturer of fabric for the Sidewalk Collection is LeeJo. They are BLUESIGN certified. BLUESIGN tracks a textile's path through the entire manufacturing process. Factories have to live up to three criteria in order to get the certification:

- Highest level of consumer safety
- Production with the least possible impact on people and the environment
- Responsible use of resources

LeeJo is also ISO 14001 certified, which is an internationally agreed standard for requirements for environmental production, It sets standards for more efficient consumption of resources and waste reduction.