Our production

Bags produced with kindness to Earth

Our factories

The Studio Drops, Spread Love Collection, Street Collection, and Sidewalk Collection are made by ASG Global, one of the world's leading bag manufacturers. Located in Long An province southwest of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

ASG is regularly audited by the Fair Wear Foundation, and has ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Fair Wear Foundation is an independent organization working to improve working conditions in factories in the fashion industry.

The basis for the collaboration is the Code of Labor Practices, which is written on the basis of eight labor market standards from the ILO (International Labor Organization) conventions and the UN Human Rights Convention.

Production Partners

To increase our level of transparency we have mapped our production partners and collected all of their audit and certification documents. This helps us be more transparent towards our customers and collaboration partners, as well as optimize our sourcing strategy understanding where there is space for improvement.