The first step towards a kinder and more accepting world is getting out the door and meeting other people. Put on your bag and join us.

Kintobe is a conversation about what kind of a world we want to pass on to the next generation. We want a kinder and more accepting world. A world with less fear and hate. More openness and human connection.

We realized that there is one simple way to support this mission: Get out the door and meet other people. That’s why we’re here. To invite you to get out the door and meet fellow human beings. Because when you meet another person and learn something about him or her, you might broaden your human horizon or even change your perspectives.

Bags are essential for getting out. They enable us to get around, be curious and explore new neighborhoods, cultures and people in a convenient and easy way.


We’ll do our best to inspire you as you pack to get out your door. You can follow @Kintobe_official on Instagram and for example follow #kintobesayshi, where we say hi to people we don’t know in our hood. You can read our journal or sign up for our newsletter for a steady stream of inspiration straight into your mailbox.