Our Mission

We're here to get you out the door and meet new people

We design bags because we believe the first step towards a kinder and more accepting world is getting out the door and meeting other people.

Even though we live in a global village, it feels like we are more divided than ever. We’re turning our backs on people we don’t understand. We're letting fear guide our actions.

We don't think this happens intentionally. But when we're surrounded by likeminded people (which, let's facet it, most of us tend to be) it's easy to build a narrative of 'them' and 'us'. 

Are you ready to be an everyday activist?

This divide will not be changed by governments, media or cooperations. It can only be changed by us. You might not see yourself as an activist, but we ask you to join us in something that, in this day and age, smells a bit like activism. We want you to join us in creating good old fashioned human connections.

It's about insisting on being curious and kind towards people different to ourselves.

Why? Because when we meet people IRL and listen to their perspective it's hard to fear them or even hate them. And we might even learn something!

It’s our humble hope that you’ll carry this intention with you every time you walk out your door with your Kintobe bag.

There's no magic trick to human connection

It's all about the everyday practice of getting out the door and being open towards others. It can be a "hi" or a smile to a by-passer, a 'how are you' to the person sitting next to you in the train, a helping hand carrying groceries. It can be as simple as eye-contact or a compliment. 

In some cultures this is normal, in others, like the Scandinavian where Kintobe comes from, this can feel a little awkward. But the reward is very tangible. It is proven by science that we become happier and more empathetic when we show interest in other people.

We’re cheering for you!

We’ll do our best to inspire you as you pack to get out your door. You can follow @Kintobe_official on Instagram and for example follow #kintobesayshi, where we say hi to people we don’t know in our hood. You can read our journal or sign up for our newsletter for a steady stream of inspiration straight into your mailbox. And sometime in 2020 you can join our SAY HI Initiative where we invite you to sign up if you want to meet a stranger in your own city. Not to date, not to network, but simply to expand your human horizon.