We worked with creative consultant and stylist, Mads Emil Grove Møller on designing the Spread Love Collection.

"Creating the Spread Love Collection was a dream project, combining my own joy of using bags and opportunity to create cool products out of recycled materials. The look of the collection is inspired by my travels around the world and with a special nod to Tokyo street style. "


I was born on the island of Mauritius, but grew up in Copenhagen, with a small exception of 3.5 years in Tanzania. My roots and multicultural upbringing have always reminded me of the fact that giving back is key to a joyful life. Inside each bag in the collection I’ve added a quote that acts as a daily reminder of exactly that: “You make a life by what you give”. 

I believe that even the smallest things, like smiling to people we pass in the street, donating to charities or helping a friend with their latest project or life obstacle can mean much more than we think, and spread the love that we need.

"I hope you’ll enjoy this collection and give the message of giving back and spreading love an extra thought in your daily life."

Every Kintobe collection has a new designer, because we believe in the power of diversity.