In 2019 we decided to quit our day-jobs and start Kintobe. We wanted to create a brand that sheds light on the growing polarization in the world and maybe even does it's humble part to change it.

In our private lives we'd come to know a lot of people over time, but most of them were like us. Same education, same income, same political views. That sounds not only boring but also really scary. If we all group with people, who hold similar views as ourselves, who will challenge our perspectives? Who’ll call the bullshit?

We concluded that we had to combat this tendency and that the easiest way to do it was simply getting out and meeting people that were different than us. To do that we needed a bag that would make it easy for us to get out the door, and a community that would support us in doing so. This became the birth of Kintobe.

We're glad you are here, and we hope that you'll join us on our journey.

Carry kindness,

Anne and Michael