What was your vision for the Sidewalk Collection?

“I wanted to create a collection of versatile bags for an outgoing urban lifestyle. As daily companions they are designed to be practical, but without forcing a specific usage on people. The goal was for the bags to be so intuitive, that you ideally forget about them and see them as a part of you. ”

What made you say yes to design Kintobe’s second collection?

“I was inspired by Kintobe's DNA of kindness. You can’t just make up stories about kindness. You have to live it. You have to be kind to the environment. Kind to others and kind to yourself. It gives self-respect and integrity to act kindly. That really moved me.

And then I fell for Kintobe’s relentless focus on sustainability. The collection has a very high level of sustainability. Many of the so-called sustainable brands out there focus on making just the main material of the product sustainable, but forget all the details. In this design process we went all-in to make the collection as sustainable as possible. This means that the outer and inner materials - as well as the buckles, zipper pullers, mesh, airmesh and webbing - are all made from recycled materials. That makes this collection one of the most sustainable I have seen in my time as a designer. ”

You live in Paris and you are half Italian half French - how has this influenced the design? 

“I really adore Danish design aesthetics but at the same I am very influenced by Italian and French fashion design. By using a more shiny and elegant twill nylon and the webbing as an integral part of the design the bags came closer to fashion and thereby a natural extension of your outfit. Hopefully you will see it as a nice accessory that compliments your style. ”

The triangular pocket in the front is such a cool design feature. How did that come about?

“This speaks to the more philosophical side of the design. We wanted to include a design feature that made the bag its own and recognizable. The triangular shape is a symbol of how we all have our unique angles and those are what make us special. ”