When developing new products we keep our compass of circularity in mind which urges us to consider features and ideas that support longevity, durability and responsible material sourcing. We have a list of criteria when developing a new bag concept that help us steer in the right direction. 



    Can the bag be worn anywhere where your daily routine leads you; office, school, gym, date, cafe visit etc.? 

    Can the final product be styled nicely with a pair of boots, sneakers and high heels to ensure a bag that is inclusive and fits many occasions?

    Is the bag highly functional in an urban setting? Are the sizing, separate compartments, pockets and other practical details attuned to urban life?

    Is the choice of colour fairly seasonless ensuring that the bag can be worn by anybody, all year round for many years?

    Is the bill of materials consisting of recycled or natural alternatives, and if we are making small compromises, can we defend why we are doing so? 



We care for details and we are transparent about them.

While the bag industry in general does not use recycled materials beyond the body fabric and lining, we have higher ambitions. For us, even the smallest details count when it comes to making bags that come as close to our sky-high ethical standards as possible. And we take pride in being completely transparent with you about the entire bill of materials.