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Let's get down to business. Did you know that a kind and positive work culture will leave you more productive and less sick? It's time to get serious about kindness at work! 

Make new people feel welcome

Be the person who takes the new kid in the cubicle out for lunch. You might feel too busy, but you gotta eat, and why not do it with someone new who'll feel welcome and broaden your horizons at the same time?

Raise above the gossip

Coffee machine gossip can be so indulging! But instead of spiraling down a hole of bad vibes, try coming up with just one positive thing to say about the subject of attention instead. Wow, did you feel the good karma there?

Make it personal

Even the quietest colleague has a life outside of work. Maybe you're sitting next to a karaoke star, a triathlete, a master baker, or a sustainability activist? Go treasure hunting for those good stories about your peers and feel more connected. 

Have someone's back

Remember the time your computer crashed before an important meeting? Or when you walked into the company party with toilet paper hanging out your pants? Did you feel alone, or did someone have your back? Pay it forward, or start a new trend of stepping up for peers who are having a bad day.

Inhale, exhale

No one can radiate kindness and calm if they're buried in deadlines and Excel sheets. Take a breath, be kind to yourself, and remember that your best is good enough.