Frequently asked questions

  1. What happens before the meeting?

Get to know each other a little bit. Write a couple of emails to each other and explain, for example, why you each signed up to Say Hi. But remember the fun part starts with the meeting, don’t get stuck emailing!

  1. Where should we meet?

This is up to you guys, although we recommend meeting in a public space such as a café, park, or a library. 

  1. How should the meeting unfold?

There are no rules. Just start your conversation. The only rule of thumb is: listen to each other and try to have fun. Feeling shy and don’t know where to start? Try with: "What is the best moment you have had with a stranger?"

*The participants are responsible for themselves. Kintobe is not accountable for how the encounter unfolds. 

  1. Should we take a selfie during or after the meeting?

It doesn’t matter, but please take at least one! We would love to see you together! Remember you get rewarded with a 15% discount on the Kintobe webshop. 

  1. What happens after the meeting?

We will send you an email asking for your feedback and also for the selfie, that we would like to upload as one of our Instagram stories to inspire other people to join this initiative.

  1. The meeting did not go as I expected. Now what? 

“SAY HI” is an experiment. Many things can happen when two strangers meet. We are very sorry if your meeting did not go as you expected. Hopefully, you will attend again another time.