Our design philosophy

For a kinder world and with kindness to the earth

Every one of our products is created for an urban, outgoing lifestyle. And is designed by and for people who are here to make a positive mark on the world. 

We design for

An active urban lifestyle

Functionality and practicality is essential in our designs. Durable textiles and eco-friendly water resistant coating ensure that our bags will take you through whatever urban everyday life bids you. Carefully thought out interior and extra pockets make usability seamless. 

We design for

A kinder world

We want you to get out the door, connect with others and spread kindness. Bags are essential for getting out. The more comfortable and practical they are, the better you can set yourself free to live fully.

We design for

A kinder earth

We are working towards making a 100% sustainable bag. And we have pledged that each collection is more sustainable than the last. 

We design for

The design and fashion conscious user

Just because your bag is water-resistant, multifunctional and durable doesn’t mean that you need to look like your are going hiking. (Not that there is anything wrong with hiking bags <3).

We design for

For diversity

That is why we collaborate with new designers for every collection and invite them to interpret what Kintobe means to them. Meet the designer of the Sidewalk Collection

Each collection should be more sustainable than the last. Our goal is to be the most sustainable bag brand in the world. Explore our collections of fashionable urban bags.