5 kind things to try today

5 venlige ting, du kan prøve i dag

The easiest thing is to mind our own business. It’s safe, convenient and there's no risk of getting caught in awkward small-talk. But if you’re up for trying something new, try kindness! Here are five easy ways to infuse some seriously kind vibes into everyday life. They’re free, they’re contagious and they will for sure brighten up someone’s day.

Try a few of these kindness snacks out when you head out today and compare your experience with a standard face-in-phone-headphones-in-ears-kind-of-day. Didn’t it feel just that much better?

Make eye-contact

The people we tend to avoid making eye contact with, are often the people who need it the most. How about making eye-contact with a homeless person? Did you know that eye-contact makes people feel more included and visible?

Hold the door

Or try another good old fashioned way of showing another person that you care. Give your seat to someone who needs it more than you. Help carry a heavy bag up the stairs. Ask if you can give directions to someone looking lost.

Say hi

A simple “hi” is underrated. Apart from being polite it also shows the other person that you’re open for a chat, and who knows what that can lead to.


Smiling is literally contagious. So what better way to lift the mood of that packed Monday morning train wagon than to share a smile with your fellow commuters? Did you know that a smile can induce more pleasure in the brain than 2.000 bars of chocolate?!

Give a compliment

Everybody has something great going for them. Why don't we acknowledge that a little more? “Nice hair”, “interesting book”, “cool bag”. It might seem a little overwhelming to give a stranger a compliment but believe us: There's no better way to induce some happy vibes in a fellow human than telling them that they are awesome.