Meet the Kin Collection Colors

The colors of the upcoming Kin Collection are here! The diverse color universe is inspired by the nuances and moods making up Kintobe’s hometown, Copenhagen. Come closer and say hi to Copenhagen Coral, Courtyard Green, Asphalt Black, and Kin Mint.


Asphalt Black

Asphalt Black Color

Our most versatile color of the collection is inspired by the streets that bind Copenhagen together. They connect us, carry us, offer a curbstone for a quick rest, a bench for a chat, an alleyway for a kiss. Asphalt Black is a real city slicker. She’s a pro. She might look anonymous - but don't be fooled - after hours you’ll find her in the wildest corners of town.


Copenhagen Coral

Copenhagen Coral Color

Our most vibrant color is inspired by the lifeblood and diversity of Copenhagen. From colorful ethnic shops in Nørrebro to old tattoo parlors in New Harbour to colorfully painted houses in Freetown Christiania. All coined by the lovely people that add their splash of color to the cityscape every day. Copenhagen Coral is your sidekick. She gets you out the door. She’s different and in that way she fits right in.


Courtyard Green

Courtyard Green Color

This calming and down to earth addition to the color palette is inspired by the green benches and gates of Copenhagen. They're painted in the traditional Copenhagen Green, but we added a splash of nature to the nuance from the parks, avenues and rooftop gardens that are sprinkled all over town, and ended up with Courtyard Green. She’s kind. She’s a real hugger. And she’s ready to get you out for a stroll.


Kin Mint

Kin Mint Color

Kin Mint is a bit off. She isn’t all matchy-matchy, she sticks out, and she’s inspired by the feeling of Kintobe. She’s cheerful, She triggers creativity and questions. She’s sparks conversation and reminds you to do the same. No matter which bag you choose an embroidered “kintobe” in Kin Mint will be adding a little zing to your style.

October 22, 2019 — Anne Thorsø Sørensen
Tags: Bags