Can bottles make bags?

At the moment we are searching high and low for materials for our bags. To make a durable bag, you need something that is strong and can take a bit of kicking around and rainy weather. We’ve fallen in love with recycled polyester.

It is made from plastic bottles picked picked up from landfills and the ocean. They are shredded, melted, turned into yarn and then woven into a brand new fabric.

process recycled polyester.png

We like recycled polyester because it:

  • Helps empty landfills

  • Uses less energy for production than regular polyester

  • Is strong! Up to four times stronger than canvas.

  • Uses only a fraction of water compared to for example cotton. Did you know that it takes 2.700 liters of water to make just one cotton t-shirt?

  • It comes in all sorts of textures and colors.



May 07, 2019 — Anne Thorsø Sørensen